• Welcome to the cradle of America! The Delaware Valley is the birthplace of the United States with historic places like Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and the places where Bill Haley and the Comets, who created the first commercially successful Rock and Roll song, rocked the world with “Rock ...Rock and Roll to read more

Click on the above Way Out” and quickly link to ARTIST SCHEDULES on their social pages and websites.  This is the primary purpose of this wayoutesp.com.  Find the artist and know the where and when, then close window or backspace to return to page just where you left off.  Use the directory to locate a place to Eat and Stay if you really want to Party.  The regional directory pages are in menu at top and displayed at the bottom of all pages.

Featured Favorite

  • Sports bar with live bands most nights of the week.  Weekday perfomances about 7p and weekends at about 9p… and usually a few early shows 4p to 8p around the weekends.  They are the best bet to see a full band performing on stage. Clik image below to Rock and Roll to tomnjerrys.com  Tuesday nights the Juliano Brothers will be onstage (excludes bands summer schedule at shore)… to Rock and Roll to Juliano Brothers site clik image Wednesdays  Wingz & Jamz  is an open mic and live band karaoke that is loaded with members from many local bands that hang out together before the weekend gigs.  Great deals on drinks and the Buffalo Wings! Hosted by Musicians Impossible and ...Rock and Roll to read more

Summer is coming!